50 Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales Conversion

Here are the first of 50 tips to help increase your ecommerce conversion rate. If you apply these tips, your conversion rate WILL increase. Everyone of the conversion tips have been applied and proven successful in my online stores.

Tip Number 1: Include Company Established Date in Header

Moving Stores Off Volusion

Volusion Downslide Continues

Volusion Support Response Times Increase. Result of layoffs?

Merchants are reporting a spike in support response time with Volusion since Monday. Typically, Volusion's Support response times are above average for the industry. The reason could be related to speculation that Volusion recently laid off their Simi Valley, CA support team in an effort to consolidate staffing. Layoffs are a painful thing to read about in this economy and my heart goes out to all the ex-support staffers that helped Volusion's merchants over the years (should this speculation be proven true).

Feeling Limited by Volusion's Native Followup Email System?

I do a lot of comparing 3DCart and Volusion. I process orders in both carts everyday. One area that I think Volusion lags behind 3dCart is their email followup system. Both carts do a good job soliciting product review post-purchase but Volusion's Abandoned Cart Followup email system leave a lot to be desired. For one thing, it isn't automated (this should have been a no-brainer) and customizing the email isn't easy (for instance the email subject line can't be changed).

BigCommerce is now PCI Complaint

BigCommerce is now PCI complaint according to their blog dated 1/27/11. The stampeding sound you hear are Volusion's disgruntled customers running for the door. I fear they may end up wedged in BigCommerce's front door ala the Three Stooges.

Drop Shipping Deadend

Drop shipping is a great idea on paper. It fails miserably in practice. One of my stores is 100% drop shipping and here are my reflections on how things have progressed over the years...

1. If you can open a drop shipping ecommerce business so can 10 million other people. And they will. Many of them won't care about markup either. The barrier of entry in this model is just too damn low. You'll soon find your competing a what are essentially not-for-profit businesses.

3DCart Moves to the Head of the Pack

I like to spread out my stores amongst multiple hosted cart solutions. This prevents me from keeping all my eggs in one basket should things head south with the solution (*cough like MonsterCommerce *cough). 3DCart has been one of my solutions since 2007. When I started, they were a young innovative company that was a little rough around the edges. For instance, the support department was small but still highly responsive. Slowly but surely 3DCart developed into a more and more sophisticated operation.

Preventing Failed AVS Fund Holds for Debit Card and Check Cards

One of the biggest customer complaints we're seeing on our stores are fund holds due to failed AVS checks. Here's what happens:

1. A customer visits your store and attempts to make a purchase. The customer enters an address that does not match the billing address for the card. This fails address verification system (AVS) that most merchants use to detect and prevent fraud. The order doesn't progress past the store's payment gateway and does not turn into a sale.

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Link Building For Your Store Brain Dump

Link Building Brain Dump

Here's a list of link building ideas and rules of thumb for store. I'll update as I think of ideas. Got any of your own? Drop them in the comments below and I'll add them to the master list.

  • Some blog and forums that have NoFollow for links. Only Google uses the nofollow attribute. Post anyway. Let the other SEs index the links. Google is the largest but not the only show in town. Bring something to the table and add links in posts or sigs. Never spam.