3DCart Leads the Hosted Cart Market with Ajax

The recent release of 3DCart brought with it some pleasant surprises. Foremost is the inclusion of Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) into the cart’s backend. Merchants can hover over Order, Customer and Product links and have the information displayed without the need to click and load pages. This seemingly small feature improvement can drastically improve the efficiency of day-to-day store operation. It effectively brings an entire database of store and customer information to one page – ready to be displayed in a hover window. Hats off to 3DCart for the addition of Ajax as they the first of the shopping cart on our radar screen to make use of this cutting edge technology. One must assume that the next logical step for 3DCart is sprinkle in some Ajax on their front end.

3DCart is carving out a nice niche of customers that enjoy the ease of use of their platform and their rapid deployment of feature additions and improvements. Couple that with a solid support team and you have a very competitive hosted cart solution.

Expect growth from this company as more and more customers flee Yahoo! and MonsterCommerce in search of a flexible and feature-rich hosted shopping cart solution.

P.S. Will a 100% Ajax hosted cart please step forward? Just think how it could reduce shopping cart abandonment with pre-check out shipping and tax calculatiion.