Feeling Limited by Volusion's Native Followup Email System?

I do a lot of comparing 3DCart and Volusion. I process orders in both carts everyday. One area that I think Volusion lags behind 3dCart is their email followup system. Both carts do a good job soliciting product review post-purchase but Volusion's Abandoned Cart Followup email system leave a lot to be desired. For one thing, it isn't automated (this should have been a no-brainer) and customizing the email isn't easy (for instance the email subject line can't be changed).

Volusion merchants wishing to have greater flexibility when following up with a customer have the option of using a third-party service called AutoResponderMax. It will cost you a monthly fee but will no doubt yield better results than the Volusion native features. The money would be well spent even if you used Abandoned Cart Recovery App alone. AutoReponderMax does a great job filling Volusion's gabs. Give it a try.