Corezon: The Cart Solution Spammers of the Year

I like to kept up to date with new shopping cart solutions and the same can be said of improvements of existing carts. What I don’t like is spam and cart solutions that spam my mailbox.

The worst offender is a solution called Corezon. They spam online stores hoping that the merchant will jump ship and switch to their cart solution. Heck, they took the time to spam you so you should at least look at them right? Wrong. This company and their shady marketing practices can go ef themselves. Why such strong language? I’ve been spammed by these aholes for over a year now. With every example of spam I receive, I try to “unsubscribe” from their mailing list. I follow the instructions in the footer of their spam message. Alas, the response I get every time can be found below:

The following addresses had delivery problems:

Permanent Failure:
Delivery last attempted at Wed, 18 Apr 2007 12:29:15 -0000

Hey Corezon. You’re not making friends nor potential clients by employing the same spam tactics as the peddlers of boner juice and “cheap prescription meds.” I hope your company fails miserably in all current and future endeavors.