E-Commerce Customer Expectations

What are the hardest things about running an online store? Using the technology? Fighting off competition in a low barrier entry industry? Sourcing products? Sure. All are big concerns. One surprise challenge for new online store owners is customer expectations. For instance, customers might have the following expectations when shopping your store:

You are available to answers their questions via the phone 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Business days? Never heard on them… “I paid for second day air shipping. How come my order didn’t arrive on Sunday?”

Or, “I placed my order an hour ago. Where’s my tracking number?”

Yep, fun stuff. The question is; how do you reset customer expectations? Plenty of documentation of store support hours and shipping policies can help a lot. Load up on them and try to leave no question unanswered. The more time in effort you spend in explaining to the customer how your online store operates, the better off you be. Not to mention, you’ll stave off countless complaints and customer service responses. Document your store polices and add them to a highly visible spot on your store front (don’t bury them in the footer, for instance). It’s also a great idea to include shipping policies in your order confirmation emails.