EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL Certificates
These certs go to eleven.

There is a new type of SLL certificate on the block. The Extended Validation SSL Certificate has been developed by Verisign as a way to increase consumer confidence while shopping online. The EV SSL certificates are expensive and getting one requires additional paperwork. Verisign provides a EV SSL cert for $1,299 for a year. Thawte and Geotrust offer the same cert for $899 per year. This is huge leap in cost when compared to the traditional 128-bit SSL certificates annual cost of around $150.

So what does this extra outlay of cash afford the small e-commerce business? The ability to have 256-bit encryption and more detailed store identity authentication visable to the customer (to stave off phishing). Plus, customers using IE7 will have their address bar turn green while shopping on your store. This is supposed to increase “your site visitor’s confidence.”

Is it worth the price? Nope, at least not currently. 128-bit encryption is plenty strong and customers could be confused when their browser starts lighting up like a Christmas tree. That said, I believe in time the EV SSL cert will become common place and customers will come to expect the online stores they frequent to have one installed. Just as customers look for the secure lock in their browser now. Until then, the small business online store will gain little from being a trailblazer with this product. I would at least wait till Firefox makes use of a EV SSL cert.

Not to mention, some small businesses might have trouble even getting a EV SSL cert. With this cert comes additional required documentation. This includes:

A legal opinion letter confirming that the requestor has the authority to obtain an SSL Certificate on behalf of the company must be submitted to VeriSign. The legal opinion letter also may be used to confirm the organization registration, organization address, telephone number, domain ownership, and that the organization is conducting business. Once confirmed, the requestor may be able to purchase additional SSL Certificates based on the original letter. If a legal opinion letter cannot be obtained, Our Certification Practice Statement outlines alternate authentication and verification processes. (www.Verisign.com)

The key words above are organization registration. No problem if you’re small business is incorporated but if you have a partnership or are a sole proprietor, you’ll need to go through the alternate authentication and verification processes.

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