How to Switch Shopping Cart Solutions

Switching Shopping Cart Solutions Checklist

Are you considering moving from one e-commerce shopping cart solution to another? Below you will find a checklist that lays out the step-by-step instructions for making the move. Switching website shopping cart solutions isn't as hard as you may think.

Switching Shopping Cart Solutions Checklist

1. Research and select the shopping cart solution that best serves your business’ needs. This is a very important decision. Take your time and choose wisely. Questions to ask include:

A. Does your shopping cart solution integrate with my gateway?

B. Is your shopping cart solution PCI/CISP complaint?

C. Can your shopping cart solution integrate with our POS and/or accounting application (e.g. QuickBooks)?

D. How many sites are on the server I'd be placed on?

E. What kind of support do you offer? 24x7 phone? Email? Do you have a customer support forum?

F. What type of code is your shopping cart solution built on? ASP? ASP.Net? ColdFusion? PHP?

G. Does your shopping cart solution allow full FTP access?

H. Does your shopping cart solution allow for a XML file upload for Google SiteMap? Can a XML file for Google SiteMap be placed in the root directory?

I. Does your shopping cart solution allow for Admin phone order entry?

J. Are the URLs rewritten with keywords?

K. Do you allow for customization of checkout text?

L. Do you allow checkout questions?

M. Do you have multiple product image capabilities?

N. Do you allow customization of product page layout?

2. Prepare current site for relocation.

A. Copy all content pages to Notepad or your HTML editor.

B. Download all your graphics and product images.

C. Download product database.

D. Download customer database.

E. Download customer emails.

F. Record all payment gateway info.

G. Download ALL reports that you might need for the future.

H. Download all previous orders.

I. Download all outstanding gift certificate.

3. Setup store using an IP. Test the store in all major browsers. Spell-check the entire site.

4. Move or obtain new SSL Certificate. Run ScanAlert test.

5. Do a dry run of updating your DNS name servers. Make sure you have all the information needed to do this.

6. Test email functionality on new site.

7. Test payment processing and sales tax for different states.

8. Test shipping systems and check shipping results.

9. QA each page of your new site. Place test orders and create new accounts.

10. Contact new shopping cart solution and schedule switch.

11. Pause all PPC ads before the switch.

12. Generate new feeds for sales channels and prepare them submission (

13. Change your DNS settings to point towards new solutions DNS servers.

14. Wait for DNS changes to propagate.

15. Test everything on your site.

16. Restart PPC ads and update with new URLS.

17. Submit all sales channel feeds (

18. Send newsletter to existing opt-in customer/newsletter base announcing change(s).