MonsterCommerce’s SEO Catalog

Years ago ASP carts were notorious for having long garbled URLs and bloated code. Both no-no’s when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Some for the more forward thinking shopping cart solutions added a mod_rewrite to their product that translated the ASP garbled URLs and code into clean easy to read html. The result was unmistakable. The stores using these solutions rankings improved once the product pages were re-indexed by the major search engines.

MonsterCommerce took a different approach. They allowed their clients the ability to generate a separate copy of their product catalog in html. MonsterCommerce called the feature the SEO catalog. The only problem is that the SEO catalog doesn’t rewrite/convert the asp page into html; rather it makes a copy of them in html. This is a dangerous thing to do in terms of SEO as the search engines frown upon duplicate content. A few merchants reported in our forum that they were penalized for using SEO catalog when some of their pages started to be deemed supplemental by Google. Not good.

In terms of SEO, MonsterCommerce can’t compare to Volusion, 3dCart or the other solutions that utilize a mod_rewrite. I have experience with all three solutions and can compare apples to apples. MonsterCommerce might be a great solution to learn the ropes of e-commerce but until they offer a REAL SEO solution, it will fall further and further behind Volusion and 3DCart with each passing day.

So be wary of shopping cart solutions that promise great SEO results out of the box. Do your homework and find out if these claims can be substantiated.