MonsterCommerce Shopping Cart Review

MonsterCommerce Review
Software Version Reviewed: 4.2

MonsterCommerce is a leading provider in the ASP hosted shopping cart arena. Boasting a clientele of 5,000 store owners, they offer highly available 24x7 support, rich product documentation and a lively customer forum. Support is what separates MonsterCommerce from its competition and appears to be the cornerstone of their business model. This high level of customer support goes a long way to entice fledgling online merchants to select their shopping cart solution.

Where MonsterCommerce Excels

1. Support, Support and Support.

As stated above, MonsterCommerce offers 24x7 phone support, excellent documentation and a lively customer forum that when combined; provide an industry leading support system.

2. Wide Selection of Store Templates

MonsterCommerce’s design team provides 25 different ready-made templates.

3. Easy to Customize Store Design

Changing the design and adding custom html pages to a Monster Store is easy. This allows are for flexible site design.

Where MonsterCommerce Needs Improvement

1. No FTP access

A lack of direct FTP access to the content of their stores makes file management difficult.

2. Requires Ala Cart Features

MonsterCommerce charges additional fees for QuickBooks integration and well as bulk import/export of store data.

3. No Phone order capability.

MonsterCommerce offers no engineered method for entering phone orders into their stores.

4. Lacks many customer comforts

MonsterCommerce currently does not offers customer comforts like:
Gift Wrapping
Customer Reviews
Stock Availability Notification
Printer Friendly Product Pages
Loyalty Point System
Gift Message on Packing Slip (no packing slip functionality at all)

5. SEO

MonsterCommerce trails the pack when it comes to SEO tools. They currently do not offer site map generation and adding keywords to your product URLs. Also lacking is the access to adding additional titles and keywords to product pages and full meta tag control.

MonsterCommerce does offer HTML catalog generation but the benefits of this tool are outweighed by the absence of the features listed above.


MonsterCommerce is a great solution for the newbie store owner to learn the ropes. If you’re looking for an out-of-the box hosted cart solution or making the leap from ebay sales, MonsterCommerce's support channels will be there to help you get your store off the ground. This solution lags behind the pack in terms of product features and SEO capability but nonetheless it is still a superb solution for anyone wanting to break into online sales.