Selecting a Gateway and Merchant Account Provider

Selecting a Gateway and Merchant Account Provider.

Every online store that wants to accept credit card payment needs both a payment gateway and a merchant account. The tricky part is selecting which company (or companies) to go with. You can use one company for a gateway and another for your merchant account but that might over complicate things. I suggest taking the one-stop shopping approach. Most merchant account providers also offer merchants a payment gateway. I use both Paymentech and and I’m happy with both.

If you’re in the market for a merchant account, you be best serve to contact these two companies:

eMarchantts Group

eMerchant Discount

These companies can get you great rates and save you a lot of money. Both are run with a merchant advocate approach and have years of experience connecting merchants w/ merchant accounts.

eMerchant Group is very popular with Yahoo Store owners and merchant have given this company rave reviews.

eMerchant Discount also has received great reviews in our merchant forum and is worthy of a good long look.