SEO Tip for Merchants – Domain Age

The Importantace of Domain Age

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important area of concern for most merchants. Succeeding in SEO campaigns makes product sourcing, customer service and order fulfillment look like mere child’s play. However, if you focus on SEO and maintain a consistent (and constant) marketing campaign, the payoff can be huge.

SEO efforts need to start before you even open your store. This brings me to the first SEO tip for merchants: domain name.

New merchants tend to focus heavily on having a domain name that is crock full of keywords, describes what the store sells and is easy for customers to remember. All of these are good ideas but one key component is missing, domain age.

Sure, ideally you want a domain that contains a keyword or keyword phrase - this is proven to help your store in SERPs (search engine result pages). It is equally, if not more important, to have an old domain. What do I mean by old domain?

One of the things Google uses to rank websites is the age of the domain. This age starts when some links to the domain and the link is indexed by Google. The older your domain is, the move points Google will give it during the ranking process.

Why does Google care about domain age? Google cares about quality SERPS. They don’t like it when spammers quickly build up sites that instantly have thousands of backlinks. This sullies Google’s search results because these types of sites typically have little to offer visitors. Google knows that these sites usually don’t last very long and close down as quickly as they open. They figure, the longer the domain have been around, the less likely it is to be spammy. Hence the use of domain age in their ranking process.

Merchants have reported this phenomenon in action. I’ve spoken to store owners that state that after their store is 5 years old, they see their position in Google not only climb, but stabilize. This is due to Google’s factoring in of the store’s domain age.

What’s a potential store owner to do about domain age? How can SEO effort begin before a store is even opened? Buy a recycled domain. This might take more effort and cash when compared to just buying a new one, but it’s worth it. There are sites and forums where old or recycled domains go up for sale every day. Keep your eye on these sites and snap up one that fits your needs. You might not find a perfect domain name, but you’ll have a head start on SEO.
I’d sacrifice the keyword stuffed domain name for a 5 year old domain any day.