SEO Tool Box: Every Merchant Needs One

SEO should be a primary focus of all online merchants. You really need to grasp the basics of optimizing your store so you can capitalize on increase traffic and exposure. SEO can be very complicated and people make it their life’s work. Merchants don’t have to be experts – just know enough to keep their stores in good search engine placement. What merchants need is a SEO blueprint for their store and a good SEO toolbox to draw upon.

In terms of blueprint, there are three tenants of SEO for the online merchant are:

1. Use a good shopping cart solution that IS search engine friendly.

Research the hell out of a shopping cart before signing up. Check out their features stores and see how they do in search engine result pages (SERPS) for their obvious keywords. Check out our Feature Charts for more info:
Shopping Cart Feature Charts

2. Write a ton of informative content related to your products.

You need text croak full of your keywords. Starting writing and don’t stop. Building content is a never ending process and yields the best result of any SEO practice. It encourages natural backlinks and adds value to your store.

3. Start a link building campaign.

Start by including your store in quality link directories. Yahoo, DMOZ, JoeAnt and Gimpsy are a few worth doing. Beware of spammy link farms. They are a waste of time.
Follow this up with a back link building campaign that builds quality one-way backlinks to your store. This isn’t easy but there are ways to do it. Stick to Matt Cutts approved methods though!

Now that you’ve got the blueprint to optimize your store, you’ll need the tools. Here’s a site I think is a great SEO toolbox:
SEO Resources

If you have other SEO toolboxes, add them to the comments for this entry.