Shared Server Killing Your Sales?

How many stores do you share a server with?

If you use a hosted shopping cart solution and don’t pay for a dedicated web server, then you’ll end up sharing space on a web server with other stores. This is fine and dandy as long as the server is balanced and there isn’t a resource hog sappy server resources away from your store. This happened to me years ago with a store I had on MonsterCommerce. My store ended up being moved 2-3 times and being issued a new IP w/ each shuffle. It was a pain in the neck to say the least.

As a online merchant, you should know how many stores are on your web server. Too many is a bad thing. How will you know if you’re sharing a server with either too many stores or resource hog? Things will get laggy and response time will plummet. This results in unhappy customers and a diminished sales conversion rates.

Is you store getting laggy and you think it may be from an overloaded web server? Here’s a tool you can use to find out how many stores you’re sharing a server with.

WhoIs Domain Tools

Enter your store’s domain name and look it up. On the results page, under DomainTools Exclusive look at the reverse IP field. This will tell you how many stores are sharing your web server. The more does not mean the merrier. In this case, the fewer the better.

Note: The Reverse IP field will only return results if enabled by your host.