Volusion Templates

Volusion gave me a Valentine’s Day present….25% off one of their paid templates. No, it’s not a steak dinner or a bouquet of roses. And they send the offer to all their customers. But saving $125 bucks is nothing to shake a stick at. The timing is good too being at the start of the new year. Maybe its time to give your Volusion online store a facelift?

Volusion offers their customers three options for selecting a design template. They are as follows:

1. Free templates of limited selection (8 of them) and update frequency.
2. Paid templates for a one-time $495 price. Volusion offers 80 of them and some are really impressive.

Hosted Cart Customer Forums

A number of the top e-commerce hosted shopping cart solutions have customer forums where you can pop in and checkout what’s going on with the solution. These are invaluable tools when researching a move or opening to new store. By digging through these forums you can gauge the cart's customer service abilities, customer sentiment and even ask pre-sales questions. There’s nothing like getting honest feedback about a cart before opening a store.

Of course you can always visit our forum for up to date info on the major hosted shopping carts by visiting: eCartReviews Forums

Volusion Shopping Cart Feature Chart

Volusion offers a rock solid e-commerce host shopping cart that is positioning itself to the be THE industry leader. Volusion boasts a powerful and scalable solution with a wide array of features. Top this with great customer support and you have one the best solutions on the market today.

Here is a listing of some of Volusion’s features:

Volusion Feature Chart (PDF)

Volusion Shopping Cart Review

Volusion Review
Software Version Reviewed: 3.1

There is a company making a big splash in the shopping cart market. That company is Volusion. Founded by former Dell employees back in 1999, Volusion is proving to be a leader of ASP based e-commerce solutions. After reviewing Volusion’s rich features and search engine friendly stores, this solution is proof that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.