BigCommerce is now PCI Complaint

BigCommerce is now PCI complaint according to their blog dated 1/27/11. The stampeding sound you hear are Volusion's disgruntled customers running for the door. I fear they may end up wedged in BigCommerce's front door ala the Three Stooges.

Shipping to Canada ey?

I stopped shipping to Canada after a high percentage of orders were stepped on by the Canadian customs office. Along with their order, customers would get a bill for a Custom Brokers fee and any applicable duties. This would send customers into a rage that I, as a storeowner in America, was powerless to prevent. Bear in mind we shipped to Canada using UPS Standard and for some reason, the frequency of this occurring when orders are shipped via USPS is significantly lower. Go figure..

One of e-commerce’s strengths is supposed to be opening your wares to a global market. This strength can easily be nullified by inconsistent Customs offices in the destination country. So if you ship overseas, make certain you present the customer with clear documentation on who is liable for ANY Customs fee and Duty. This will shift the responsibility to the customer, albeit an angry one.