50 Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales Conversion

Here are the first of 50 tips to help increase your ecommerce conversion rate. If you apply these tips, your conversion rate WILL increase. Everyone of the conversion tips have been applied and proven successful in my online stores.

Tip Number 1: Include Company Established Date in Header

Drop Shipping Deadend

Drop shipping is a great idea on paper. It fails miserably in practice. One of my stores is 100% drop shipping and here are my reflections on how things have progressed over the years...

1. If you can open a drop shipping ecommerce business so can 10 million other people. And they will. Many of them won't care about markup either. The barrier of entry in this model is just too damn low. You'll soon find your competing a what are essentially not-for-profit businesses.

Preventing Failed AVS Fund Holds for Debit Card and Check Cards

One of the biggest customer complaints we're seeing on our stores are fund holds due to failed AVS checks. Here's what happens:

1. A customer visits your store and attempts to make a purchase. The customer enters an address that does not match the billing address for the card. This fails address verification system (AVS) that most merchants use to detect and prevent fraud. The order doesn't progress past the store's payment gateway and does not turn into a sale.

RSS Feed Software For Your Online Store or Blog

Check out this software for creating and editing RSS feeds:

RSS feeds are an easy way to bring in fresh contect to your site. FeedBurner is a powerful tool and can be used for SEO.

Customer Expectations Equal Merchant Frustrations

Customer expectations need to properly grounded. If a customer has false expectations and they are not adjusted or met, you’ll have an angry customer even though it completely unwarranted . Shipping is clearly the first area where customer expectations need to be grounded in reality.

Accepting Paypal Payments

About PayPal

PayPal is an online payment portal that provides a secure environment for individuals and businesses to send and receive payments quickly, eliminating the conventional and time-consuming modes of payment by checks, money orders, etc.

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