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MonsterCommerce Shopping Cart Review

MonsterCommerce Review
Software Version Reviewed: 4.2

MonsterCommerce is a leading provider in the ASP hosted shopping cart arena. Boasting a clientele of 5,000 store owners, they offer highly available 24x7 support, rich product documentation and a lively customer forum. Support is what separates MonsterCommerce from its competition and appears to be the cornerstone of their business model. This high level of customer support goes a long way to entice fledgling online merchants to select their shopping cart solution.

Where MonsterCommerce Excels

1. Support, Support and Support.

As stated above, MonsterCommerce offers 24x7 phone support, excellent documentation and a lively customer forum that when combined; provide an industry leading support system.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

One of the reasons MonsterCommerce was snapped up by Network Solutions was reportedly for their SEO services. Network Solutions has been outsourcing this business function and it appears they thought it beneficial to add SEO services to their list of product offerings. The question I’d like to pose is this: What is the future of SEO services?

From what I can gather, SEO service firms will soon go the way of buggy whip. Google is already dinging paid links, link farms and soon many of the other “techniques” that SEO service firms employ will also be sniffed out and punished by the major search engines. I believe the future of SEO services is not bright. Getting high rankings is, and always will be, contingent upon having unique information and a content rich site. Given this forecast, what will SEO service firms have to offer their clients? Content writing? Clean coding techniques? How and where to use basic html tags? There is only way one can pay for this simple instruction and that is overpay.

InstanteStore Shopping Cart Review

InstanteStore Overview:

At last, a solution based on something other than ASP. InstanteStore separates itself firstly by their ColdFusion platform and secondly for vast array of features provided. At first log in, we were impressed with the slick and easy to navigate admin or control panel. The admin panel only takes a few minutes of clicking around to get the hang of it. I must say, this was a breath of fresh air after working with some more cumbersome shopping cart solution admin panels. Most everything was easy to find and laid out in a cohesive and well thought out manner.

Setting up the store was easy and a splash page on the admin panel offers a step-by-step checklist for the merchant to follow. First was adding categories, which was easy and straight forward. Next was adding products. There were a few way to accomplish this as the merchant is given the choice between adding product one-by-one or via a .csv or .txt file in bulk upload mode. The bulk upload tool is robust but not forgiving in terms of formatting. The files for upload MUST follow InstanteStore format to the letter or the merchant will receive error messages at upload. We found this process not that easy to master and a potential source of frustration for a merchant that didn’t review the formatting guidelines. Save yourself time and review these standards before attempting any product bulk uploads.

InstanteStore Shopping Cart Feature Chart

InstantECart is a feature-rich shopping cart solution build on a Coldfusion platform. This shopping cart solution has the most features when compared to other hosted cart solutions. Instantestore leads the industry in new feature innovation.

Here is a listing of some of InstantEStore’s features:

InstantEStore Feature Chart (PDF)

3DCart Shopping Cart Feature Chart

3DCart is a asp hosted shopping cart that has an easy to learn interface that masks a powerful solution. It is as easy to learn as MonsterCommerce but beats them hands down in terms of available features.

Here is a listing of some of 3DCart's features:

3DCart Feature Chart (PDF)

Volusion Shopping Cart Feature Chart

Volusion offers a rock solid e-commerce host shopping cart that is positioning itself to the be THE industry leader. Volusion boasts a powerful and scalable solution with a wide array of features. Top this with great customer support and you have one the best solutions on the market today.

Here is a listing of some of Volusion’s features:

Volusion Feature Chart (PDF)

Volusion Shopping Cart Review

Volusion Review
Software Version Reviewed: 3.1

There is a company making a big splash in the shopping cart market. That company is Volusion. Founded by former Dell employees back in 1999, Volusion is proving to be a leader of ASP based e-commerce solutions. After reviewing Volusion’s rich features and search engine friendly stores, this solution is proof that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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The following are reviews that our staff has written relating to the major providers of shopping cart solutions. Please be aware of the software version that we reviewed. Software is updated frequently by these solutions and our reviews might not cover recent changes or upgrades. Please read our forums for topical information relating to the e-commerce shopping cart solutions listed below.

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14 Questions to Ask a Shopping Cart Solution

Some Questions to Ask a Shopping Cart Solution Before You Sign Up

1. Does your shopping cart solution integrate with my payment gateway?
If you are moving from one solution to another, it’s
important to make sure that your payment gateway will be compatible with your
new solution. If not, you may need to sign up with another payment gateway.
This could require additional setup fees and a curve in
learning a new virtual terminal.

2. Is your shopping cart solution PCI/CISP complaint?
Security and having a hacker-safe store is very important. The credit card
companies mandate security measures so make sure your