Volusion V5 Feature of the Day: Abandoned Cart Tracking

Hot off the presses from Volusion!

They are releasing details of V5 (version 5) slowly - one new feature a day. The first feature announced was abandoned cart tracking - with live cart records.

This is great news for all the former MonsterCommerce clients now with Volusion (there are many and ranks grow everyday). Many of these merchants grew to love this functionality while with MonsterCommerce.

It helps stave of issues with conversion. For instance, you can see if people bail out of the cart after the shipping charges are presented (price too high? Bye bye). Knowing how customers act at each step of a check out process is VERY handy. While you might not think this is handy with Volusion's one-step checkout, believe me - it WILL come in great for sales conversion tracking. Volusion merchants will be able to track and tweak and boast conversion.

Here's the release from Volusion:

Coming in V5 - Abandoned/Live Cart Records

The abandoned/live cart section gives you the ability to view all cart contents real-time. If a potential (or existing) customer has typed any contact data (name, ph# or email address) into the checkout to update a field, like shipping, all the data entered is collected -- even if the customer doesn’t finish the purchase. This way the store owner can contact the customer or even finish that order easily via the Phone Order Page.

Also all saved carts are now added to the log even if the customer never starts the checkout process. Obviously, if the customer doesn't get to the checkout page you won’t get contact info, but you will at least know the contents of the carts.