Volusion V5 Feature Of the Day: USPS Label Printing

So far the members of the eCartReviews forum are batting 1000 in guessing what will be included in V5. This could only mean one of two things; the merchants have psychic powers or Volusion really listens to their client’s requests. The latest feature to be announced is USPS label printing. This will allow a merchant to create USPS shipping labels right from the admin panel. This will tighten up Volusion’s shipping interface and make life easier for their clients. Great feature!

It will make my life easier. Currently, I export the data from my three Volusion stores in Endicia and Dazzle to create pre-paid USPS shipping labels. Perhaps this feature will cut out that extra step and USPS shipping solution? Who knows? I’m sure more details will follow.

This was posted on the Volusion client forum:

Volusion v5 will feature USPS label printing directly from your admin section. Inside each order detail page, there will be a USPS label link which will allow you, from within your Volusion admin interface, to obtain live rates, create, and print the customer's shipping label.